Matias Oddone - Fixer

Who’s the man behind the ligustrum? Hope you enjoy our making of and final shoot as much as we did

Our team is getting ready to show you the final shooting, Meanwhile, they are travelling around the city like this!

It was an another incredible experience with the people of This is Made (Sweden).
We can’t wait to show you the result of this photoshoot. It’s comming soon, they said…

Little by little we filled the truck… thank you Mi Casa (Switzerland) for choosing us! The activity and motion really added a lot of emotion!

We didn’t read a tutorial of how to make it under the rain…we just make it! Against all odds, since ever.

We first make sure the location is perfect for giving you our best shooting quality. Final results, go ahead!

When we spend few days shooting together, then it’s time to celebrate the final work…cheers!

We love playing with effects! Here we have natural plants shadows for Hess campaign

If you find this spot beautiful, wait to see the shooting results 😉
Do you know where is it?